Surfing is held as a one day competition. School teams comprise of 3 competitors in each of the divisions

  • Senior Surfing

  • Senior Body Boarding

  • Junior Surfing

  • Junior Body Boarding

The rank in each category is combined to determine the winner of the PSA Surfing Shield.

2019 EVENT

Originally scheduled for 31st May 2019, the event was postponed due to lack of swell and rescheduled for 23rd August 2019. While the event started it was cancelled due to safety concerns for spectators and competitors. It will not be rescheduled in 2019.


2018 Overall Results

  1. Scotch College 41

  2. Hale School 49

  3. Christ Church Grammar School 59

  4. Trinity College 98

  5. Aquinas College 118

  6. Wesley College 141

  7. Guildford Grammar 156