Head of the River 1st VIII Results 2018

Position School Time
1st Hale School 5.48.83
2nd Christ Church 5.52.13
3rd Trinity College 5.57.61
4th Scotch College 5.58.55
5th Wesley College 5.59.97
6th Guildford Grammar 6.01.31
7th Aquinas College 6.06.43

2018 Hamer Cup Winner

Guildford Grammar​

Position School Points
1st Christ Church Grammar 255
2nd Trinity College 240
3rd Hale School 235
4th Scotch College 225
5th Guildford Grammar 213
6th Aquinas College 208
7th Wesley College 206

Qualifying Results 2018

Saturday 3 February – Hale School Regatta

Position School Time
 1st Hale School 6.30.67
 2nd Scotch College 6.35.47
 3rd Christ Church Grammar School 6.37.80
 4th Trinity College 6.38.66
 5th Guildford Grammar School 6.42.62
 6th Wesley College 6.43.89
 7th Aquinas College 6.43.93


Saturday 10th February Christ Church Grammar School Regatta

Position School Time
 1st  Trinity College 6.16.60
 2nd  Hale School 6.17.69
 3rd  Wesley College 6.22.36
 4th  Guildford Grammar 6.25.67
 5th  Scotch College 6.27.48
 6th  Christ Church Grammar 6.30.24
 7th  Aquinas College 6.40.18


Saturday 17th February Wesley College Regatta

Position School Time
1st  Trinity College 6.03.37
2nd  Hale School 6.06.85
3rd  Christ Church Grammar 6.09.67
4th  Scotch College 6.12.89
5th  Aquinas College 6.15.53
6th  Wesley College 6.16.42
7th  Guildford Grammar 6.17.30


Saturday 24th February Trinity College Regatta

Position School Time
 1st Trinity College 6.44.74
2nd Guidlford Grammar 6.45.25
 3rd Hale School 6.51.57
 4th Wesley College 6.53.48
 5th Scotch College 7.01.06
 6th Christ Church Grammar 7.02.77
 7th Aquinas College 7.06.71


Saturday 10th March Scotch College Regatta

Position School Time
 1st Hale School 6.27.18
 2nd Christ Church Grammar 6.31.79
 3rd Guildford Grammar 6.32.25
 4th Trinity College 6.32.96
 5th Scotch College 6.36.33
 6th Wesley College 6.37.18
 7th Aquinas College 6.38.65


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